Version 1.2.26 - DNS Configuration

2020-06-25 00:00:00 +0000


Users can now specify DNS configuration via API. This functionality allows users to specify primary and secondary nameservers for the DNS resolution of endpoint networking. DNS changes are instantly applied to any new PDP context; already connected devices with established PDPs will continue to use the previous nameserver config until the next time they reconnect.

Topic Method Entrypoint Description
Service Lookups and Configuration GET /api/v1/dns Returns of a list of DNS configuation objects
Service Lookups and Configuration POST /api/v1/dns Create a new DNS configuration object
Service Lookups and Configuration DELETE /api/v1/dns/{dns_id} Delete a DNS configuration by ID

Documentation Improvements:

DNS configs are added to Service Profiles and all endpoints which use this Service Profile will use the specified DNS settings.

Topic Method Entrypoint Description
Service Profiles POST /api/v1/service_profile Added examples for creating Service Profiles with DNS config
Service Profiles PATCH /api/v1/service_profile/{service_profile_id} Added examples for updating and removing DNS configs of Service Profiles