The API provides services to retrieve the collection of IMSIs or a single IMSI, as well as CRUD operations via POST, PATCH and DELETE actions.

Below is the sample IMSI in JSON representation. Apart from own data, the object contains embedded objects:

  • imsi_pool
  • sim
  "id": 17,
  "imsi": "112201234567008",
  "import_date": "2015-03-25T13:12:39.000+0000",
  "status": {
    "id": 0,
    "description": "Enabled"
  "imsi_pool": {
    "id": 7,
    "description": "MNO 1 Pool",
    "network_coverage_id": 2,
    "resource_provider": {
      "id": 3,
      "status_id": 0,
      "organisation_id": 4,
      "organisation_name": "MNO 1"
  "type": {
     "id": 0,
     "description": "Root IMSI"
  "sim": {
    "id": 20,
    "iccid": "6660000000000000005",
    "production_date": null,
    "status_id": 0,
    "sim_model_id": 3,
    "customer_org": {
      "id": 11,
      "name": "Reseller 3 C5",
      "type_id": 3,
      "country_id": 14,
      "status_id": 0,
      "ext_reference": null
    "issuer_org": {
      "id": 5,
      "name": "Service Provider 1",
      "type_id": 2,
      "country_id": 205,
      "status_id": 0,
      "ext_reference": null

IMSI Description

Here is the description of the IMSI object:

Name Type Description
id Integer Unique ID of this IMSI
imsi String IMSI number of the SIM
import_date Timestamp Timestamp when this IMSI was imported into the system
- Type: ISO 8601 timestamp format
status Object id (Integer) - ID of status for this IMSI
description (String) - Description for this status
imsi_pool Object id (Integer) - ID of the pool to which the IMSI belongs
description (String) of the pool
network_coverage_id (Integer)
resource_provider (Object)
type Object id (Integer) - ID type for this IMSI
description (String) for this type
sim Object id (Integer) - ID of the SIM
- etc. (refer to the SIM section for a complete description of SIM fields)