API Callback

For Data Streamer integration, an API callback object should be included in the request body.

The properties of the API callback are as follows:

Name Type Description
id Integer (required) a numerical ID of the callback, an existing API callback may be reused based on this id and other properties are then optional.
url String (required) The callback URL
organisation_id String the numerical ID of the organisation that created the api callback
purpose String A description of the use of the api_callback object


The following example request body creates a REST API type data stream.

POST https://cdn.emnify.net/api/v1/data_stream:

  "stream_historic_data": 0,
  "data_stream_type": {
    "description": "Events",
    "id": 2
  "api_type": {
    "description": "RestAPI",
    "id": 1,
  "api_callback": {
    "organisation_id": "1337",
    "url": "https://my-application-server.com/callback",
    "purpose": "Adding Alerts for failed auth attempts.",
    "id": 196,