To create a data streamer with Salesforce integration, a POST request should be sent to

The request body determines the data stream type and configuration. The following is an example request body to create a Salesforce data stream:

  "stream_historic_data": 1,
  "data_stream_type": {
    "description": "Usage Data & Events",
    "id": 3
  "api_type": {
    "description": "Salesforce",
    "id": 7
  "api_callback": {
    "organisation_id": "1337",
    "url": "",
    "purpose": "Usage and Event data of my Org",
    "id": 196
  "event_stream": "salesforce_stream_id",
  "api_username": "client_id",
  "api_password": "client_secret",
  "api_parameter": "refresh_token"

For more information, see the /data_stream Swagger Reference.