The API provides services to retrieve the collection of tariffs or a single tariff, as well as CRUD operations via POST, GET, PATCH and DELETE actions.

The API entry points for tariffs cannot be used by ‘Enterprise’ Organisations. Rates can only be positive decimal numbers (negative values are not allowed)

Below is a sample tariff in JSON representation.

  "id": 3,
  "name": "Tariff for M2M Europe",
  "description": "M2M Europe: Data+SMS",
  "created": "2015-01-10 09:36:58",
  "default_sms_mt_rate": 0.5,
  "default_sms_mo_rate": 0.4,
  "sim_issued_rate": 0.1,
  "sim_activated_rate": 0.2,
  "sim_suspended_rate": 0.3,
  "sim_activation_rate": 0.6,
  "sim_reactivation_rate": 0.8,
  "sim_suspension_rate": 0.7,
  "sim_termination_rate": 0.5,
  "used_count": 2,
  "assigned_count": 1,
  "status": {
    "description": "Active",
    "id": 1
  "currency": {
    "id": 1,
    "code": "EUR",
    "symbol": "€"
  "data_blocksize": {
    "id": 10,
    "octets": 1,
    "description": "exact"
  "data_throttle": {
    "id": 9,
    "octets": 256000,
    "description": "256 kbit/s"
  "pdp_context_definition": [
      "id": 32,
      "apn": "internet.test.org",
      "default": true

Tariff Object

Name Type Description
id Integer Unique ID of this tariff
name String short name of this tariff
description String long description of this tariff
created Timestamp Timestamp when this tariff was created
- Type: ISO 8601 timestamp format
default_sms_mt_rate Double default rate for SMS Mobile Terminated
default_sms_mo_rate Double default rate for SMS Mobile Originated
sim_issued_rate Double rate for issued SIM
sim_activated_rate Double rate for activated SIM
sim_suspended_rate Double rate for suspended SIM
sim_activation_rate Double SIM activation rate
sim_reactivation_rate Double SIM reactivation rate
sim_suspension_rate Double SIM suspension rate
sim_termination_rate Double SIM termination rate
used_count Integer count of entries in tariff_profile table referencing this tariff
assigned_count Integer count of entries in organisation_tariff_assignment table referencing this tariff
status Object id (Integer) - ID of status for this tariff
description (String) - Description for this status
currency Object id (Integer) - ID currency for this tariff
code (String) for this currency
symbol (String) for this currency
data_blocksize Object id (Integer) - ID data block size for this tariff
octets (Integer) for this data block size
description (String) for this data blocksize
data_throttle Object id (Integer) - ID data throttle for this tariff
octets (Integer) for this data throttle
description (String) for this data throttle
pdp_context_definition Object list of PDP context definitions assigned to this tariff